Research Engineering at The Alan Turing Institute

Current Projects

The Gamma

Led by Institute researcher Tomas Petricek, the goal of the Gamma project is to empower anyone to examine data, learn to question the legitimacy of its data sources, and appreciate the context in which numbers are presented. The code behind the project is open source.


AIDA is “Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics”. In this project, researchers at the Institute are drawing on new advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to address data wrangling issues; they aim to develop systems that help to automate each stage of the data analytics process.

Network Comparison

Turing researchers developed a pair of novel network comparison measures based on comparing graph-wide distributions of small network connectivity patterns known as graphlets (NetEMD and NetDis). The team made these new measures available as an open, robust and easy to use package for the R statistical computing environment, enabling data scienstists and analysts outside academia to easily use them in their own work.