Research Engineering at The Alan Turing Institute


The Research Engineering team has two talk series:

  • Lunchtime Tech Talks, which take place most Wednesdays Tuesdays over lunch.
  • Data Science Skills sessions, which take place at 09:30 on Thursdays.

If you are in the Turing, please feel free to drop by: we gather by our desks just beforehand.

Lunchtime Tech Talk schedule

Month Date   Speaker Topic (if known)
January 3   James G Counting to infinity
  10   Martin O’R Meltdown and Spectre
  30   James H Rescheduled to March 20 April 17
February 6   Hieu Hoang CUDA
  13   Tomas P Wrattler (an AIDA project)
  20   - No talk - Team is interviewing this day
  27   James G Measure and probability
March 6   Oliver S Scope and binding  
  13   Martin O’R Containerisation
  20   Evelina Rescheduled to March 27
  27   Evelina Principles of probabilistic programming
April 3      
  10   Giovanni Data Science projects best practices
  17   James H MPI-based parallelisation

Data Science Skills schedule

Date Speaker Topic Room
15/02/18 Evelina Dirichlet processes Jack Good
22/02/18 Giovanni RNNs David Blackwell
01/03/18 Radka word2vec Jack Good
08/03/18 Daphne Hidden Markov Models  

Requests for tech talks

The following topics have been requested! If you would like to lead a discussion on any of these, please let James Geddes know.

  • Everyone’s project
  • Spark
  • Monads
  • What happened to Smalltalk?
  • d3.js
  • Fancy things in R