Research Engineering at The Alan Turing Institute


The Research Engineering team meets for Lunchtime Tech Talks most Tuesdays over lunch (12:30 start).

If you are in the Turing, please feel free to drop by: we gather by our desks just beforehand.

Lunchtime Tech Talk schedule

If nothing is indicated, then some of us will be doing some fun hacking anyway.

Month Date   Speaker Topic (if known)
January 8   Miguel Hands-on life inside Emacs (part 1): to-do manager and time-tracker (org-mode)
  15   Radka What makes a good DS/REG project (discussion)
  22   Oliver Containerization
  29   Evelina Variational Autoencoders
February 5   Tomas Containers: Singularity
  12   James G Categories (part 1)
  19   Miguel Hands-on life inside Emacs (part 2): email with mu4e and integration with org-mode
  26   Gerrit Make
March 5   May GOSH - When to extubate?
  12   May NHS-Digital - Medication Safety
  19   Eric Data science applied to earthquake simulations
April 2      

Requests for tech talks

The following topics have been requested or suggested! If you would like to lead a discussion on any of these, please let James Geddes know.

  • Everyone’s project
  • Upcoming projects
  • Python programming in the large
  • Cox/Hawkes processes
  • Changepoint detections
  • Flask
  • Unity (3D)
  • Containerisation
  • Connectomics
  • Spark
  • Monads
  • Category theory
  • Functional reactive programming
  • What happened to Smalltalk?
  • d3.js